Rachel's Recovery: Pain relief from sitting on Bodyworks DW TV

Pain Relief from Sitting on BWDW TV

Rachel Simhon Pain Relief from Sitting on BWDWTV licensed massage therapist at Bodyworks DW

by Rachel Simhon, LMT

Rachel Simhon, LMT is a graduate of Finger Lakes School of Massage, Mount Kisco. Inspired by her own experience addressing chronic pain from dance and athletic injuries, Rachel began teaching yoga and Pilates so that she could share her explorations into the workings of the human body with others.

As a manual therapist, Rachel draws from her background as a movement educator to promote self-care, freedom from struggle, and reliance on breath for overall well-being. 

This video includes foam rolling and yoga mat stretches for pain relief from sitting. Works great for any aches and pains in your back and hips from being stuck at your desk!

It’s designed as a shorter stand alone video that can be done when needed.

We all suffer from too much sitting. Especially if our work requires us to be at a computer. Sitting for long periods tightens our bodies in ways that make any other activities much more difficult and painful. Walking, running, standing, sleeping, sports, exercise. They are all adversely affected by long periods of sitting in a chair.

Use this video for some online massage therapy to help unwind the tension from your desk and find pain relief from sitting. You’ll feel better, and you’ll find that the rest of you life activities get a bit easier 🙂

Here’s a teaser clip for what you’ll get as a subscriber:

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