Part of our mission as a company is promoting equality and diversity in our workplace. This includes a zero tolerance policy for expressions of hatred, including racism and sexism. We promote anti-racism and anti-sexism both between our staff and each other. And also between our clients and our staff.

To be clear, this includes protections from discrimination and sexual harassment in our workplace between any persons. Whether on the basis of race, gender, and sexual orientation and/or identity.

Equality is a very important trait for healthcare and wellness. In order to do our jobs effectively, we must be able to put aside as much explicit and implicit bias as possible. That allows us to see each client as equal to all other clients. And also completely unique individuals with unique pain relief needs.

From that standpoint, it is possible to be listening, looking, bodyreading, and evaluating the client’s pain without assumptions. And to create unique treatments for each client that have the highest possibility of success in providing relief.

Diversity is also an important part of our mission. We serve a wide and diverse variety of clientele. Having a diverse staff lets them feel comfortable and welcome at our studio. And allows them to work with a therapist who they may feel has more of an understanding of their life experience. It also allows all of us to learn from each other about different ways of being and thinking. Therefore, intentional hiring of BIPOC and LGBTQ+ massage therapists and staff is an important part of our mission.

We strive to create and hold a safe space for all clients to feel comfortable sharing their experiences. That way we can find the best treatments for them. We also strive to create and hold a safe space for therapists and staff. This allows us to do the valuable work that we do, without worries or concerns of discrimination.

Bodyworks DW reserves the right to ban anyone from the studio for violation of this anti-racism and anti-sexism pledge at our discretion.