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David is a miracle worker!

I've been going to David for years, and he is a miracle worker! My back, neck and posture have improved significantly since going to him. He is extremely consultative and listens to your pain points, and then does a custom, targeted massage on the area that needs focus. His expertise is in restorative massage and injury relief and is constantly evolving his personal practice and uses different, unique methods other than just massage to bring healing to the body. David's body work is unique and amazing. He is unlike any other therapist I have gone to, and his bodywork is life changing. I would highly recommend him and his team!

Kay R.

Transformative Results

There’s one thing I can expect from every session with David: transformative results. I came to see him because I had injured my leg while training for the NYC marathon. I was almost ready to drop out. I had seen a doctor-recommended physical therapist three times with no results. After only one session with David, I was running again. It was amazing. David has the knowledge of an anatomy professor, the focus of a surgeon and the serenity of a monk!

David Adams

Founder, Acoustic Guitar Project

More than a massage

I was recommended to David Weintraub by a colleague of his because I have pretty intense scoliosis and suffer from a fair amount of pain. My sessions with him have been so wonderful. He is very good at identifying the underlying problem and addressing the issue, not just the symptom. His work as a life coach inevitably comes through in his body work as well, and it is impossible to separate body issues from emotional blockages, which makes his work even more effective. This is not a spa massage. This is real intense work that demands commitment and I can already tell it's working. As someone who has lived with chronic pain, I have been very pleased with his work... Read More

Kate R.

This is the real deal.

I cannot recommend Bodyworks DW enough. I've had lingering back and neck pain/discomfort for the past few years that has completely disappeared since seeing David. His vast knowledge of the body coupled with his intuition and comforting presence creates an incredibly healing and customized experience. I leave sessions feeling better and armed with useful information about my body and new techniques and tools to take care of it. This is the real deal.

Laura C.

David examined me and created an entire plan within less than 5 minutes.

I've been suffering from back, knee and shoulder pain for as long as I can remember, and recently it had been getting too severe to cope with. Yesterday I went to Bodyworks and within less than 5 minutes David had examined me and created an entire plan to get my body back on track. Years of ballet and now Latin ballroom contorted my posture to unnatural, unhealthy positions that were causing injuries. I've only had one appointment (yesterday) so far, and today I'm already physically standing different and feeling less back pain! He also fixed my shoulder which was causing me to miss dance and work. Sooo thankful and excited for my next appointments so that I can have a... Read More

Brianna J.

Life changing massage

David is quite literally a miracle worker. I've suffered from debilitating pain in my shoulder leftover from repeated injury and surgery and his massage technique has decreased my day to day pain so significantly my entire life has changed. As others have said, it's not a passive massage but it has been life changing. Aside from the pain I initially came in for, David has found and addresses so many other small issues that have cumulatively changed my body for the better. Anyone with chronic pain would benefit from the investment in time with David. For those without pain, skip the regular spa massage and see David or his team anyway. It's life changing.

Hilary S.

Really targets and heals the pain points

Ruth is very consultative, and really targets and heals the pain points. I really like the massage style that the therapists at Bodyworks DW use. It's different from what other spas or clinics offer, and I really feel the difference in my body from getting consistent massage.

Kay R.

Another Level!

I've received deep tissue massage regularly for 20 years and I must say that David's technique is on another level!!! He has a compassionate and intuitive understanding of the body and the emotions it holds. I highly recommend him for serious, deep rooted issues.

Chellise Michael

Chellise Michael Wedding Photography

David clearly knows what he is doing.

David, the owner, truly knows the body and can feel where my problem areas are. I get massages quite often and know the difference between someone who knows what they are doing and someone who doesn't. David clearly knows what he is doing.

Tamara L.

My neck hasn’t had this range of motion since I was 10 years old.

Excellent therapist. She identified the tight spots, and focused on them. My neck hasn't had this range of motion since I was 10 years old.

Spencer E.

Incredible results!

A friend who had been seeing David for his shoulder recommended him to me. I was not disappointed. David is extremely knowledgable and professional. I've been going to David for my neck and lower back pains for almost a year. I work at an office job so I'm crouching in front of the computer 24-7 resulting in what feels like a scrunched up neck and shoulders accompanied by frequent headaches/migraines. I've seen incredible results since - better posture, no more headaches from neck pain and better sleeps! I recently injured my neck while skiing and thankfully David was able to fit me in last minute. The first session helped reduce the discomfort from the minor whiplash and after 2 sessions,... Read More

Barbara S.

Always Satisfaction!

When I really need some body work, I always come back to Shiho. Knowing her over 10 years, she never disappointed me, but always amazes me with her new skills and knowledge. Her passion towards her work never ends, so her technique always improves. Absolutely Shiho is the one of the best massage therapists I know in the city!


Highly Recommend!

I attribute my easy pregnancy to David's work. David's efforts prevented many aches and problems that typically accompany a pregnancy. I'd originally come to David a few years prior with a severe sciatic nerve pain, which he fixed, and it was fine throughout all the nine months. As a result of David's work, I was able to enjoy my pregnancy. I highly recommend him as a therapist!

Olga T.

Staff is VERY skilled.

Nice environment. I liked the decor. It felt warm while still professional, instead of stuffy like a laboratory or cheesy like many spas are for massage. The room and office were really cool! And, most importantly, the staff are VERY skilled. Michael seemed very knowledgeable in helping to treat some chronic nerve and muscle pain that I haven't been able to tackle through physical therapy or other massage in past year. I'll come back!

Meg K.

A really advanced understanding of the body

Christine had a really advanced understanding of the body, got my physical issues immediately and came up with a plan that she communicated to me for buy-in which I really appreciated. The atmosphere has an earthy healing energy as well.

Christine L.

Great therapeutic message, professional

I've seen David for close to a decade for therapeutic massage. He takes the time to understand his clients and their needs. His techniques are effective--he has helped get me through several chronic and acute injuries. Moreover, his skills have evolved and continue to grow--he often applies new techniques. He is warm, but thoroughly professional. He also has a good eye for talent, judging by my experience with Jae, one of his therapists. I've recommended him to several friends and am happy to endorse him here.

Michael M.

Fantastic New Sense of Freedom

My Focused Voice Session with David has had a profound effect on my singing. Before my first session, I had been struggling with recording a high vocal. After our session, I was able to record it with complete ease. I was able to sing much higher than usual (up to an Ab which is thrilling for this alto!), and felt a fantastic new sense of freedom in my voice that has continued even until now, more than a month later. David’s intense work addressed the source of the tension (not just the peripheral, outer muscles), starting with my abdomen area and a loosening of rib tension, and finishing with a gentle massage behind the voice box itself! Our sessions are... Read More

Amy Kohn - Jazz Singer & Pianist

He’s absolutely the real deal.

As a former office drone w/herniated discs and stenosis, I've seen many dozens of physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, etc. over the years... David was recommended by my Pilates instructor a couple years ago and I've been going regularly ever since!  Thanks to his magic hands, I'm able to work for myself as a handyman and elfa installer. He's absolutely the real deal. (If I forget to book appts w/David far enough in advance, his staff is also great: I've had terrific massages from both Evana and Michael!)

Alexei G.

One of the BEST decisions I have made

I became pregnant this year, and I've found the experience incredibly uncomfortable, so I scheduled an appointment with Shiho for a prenatal massage.  This was one of the BEST decisions I have made.  My body was immediately more comfortable, and the effects lasted for about 14 days.  I am really looking forward to my next prenatal massage with Shiho.  I think with her help, I can be a much less miserable pregnant lady.


You Saved My Life!

I was your client this summer and you saved my life! After my sessions with you I didn’t have back pain for months! I have had this problem since I was 7 years old, tried physical therapy, swimming, yoga and visited different doctors. So big Thank you for that…

Dorota Micali

Dorota Micali Photography

Have Sent Many Friends to Him

David has worked with me post-partum for two pregnancies and in between. He has worked with my back pain, knee pain and neck pain. If he is unable to relieve the pain, he will assess it and give a reccommendation for additional work from another care provider (chiropractic, PT, etc.). He is excellent at listening to the various things that may have caused the pain and gives great exercises to follow up the work that he has done to manage it. I have sent many people to him. David…relieving the stress of New Yorkers, one person at a time.

Elana Gartner Golden

Playwright & Mother

I Feel Like a New Person

I have been working with Bodyworks since the 2010 NYC marathon.  David helped me profoundly with my running recovery and adjusting my running form.  This is not massage experience for lightweights--he is going to work you over, and it may hurt badly while he's working on you, but afterwards you will feel like a new person. I became pregnant this year, and I've found the experience incredibly uncomfortable, so I scheduled an appointment with Shiho for a prenatal massage.  This was one of the BEST decisions I have made.  My body was immediately more comfortable, and the effects lasted for about 14 days.  I am really looking forward to my next prenatal massage with Shiho.  I think with her help,... Read More

Megan Jenkins

Extremely Knowledgable!

David is extremely knowledgeable in his field. I’ve already seen results from the work he’s done on me, and as a marathon runner, this is so important. He cares about the well-being of his clients, and is committed to improving their quality of life. He’s friendly and professional, and I recommend him to all of my friends and colleagues.

Amanda Monaco

Jazz Guitarist & Instructor @ Berklee College of Music

Simply amazing. 20 stars!

I'm a musician and was unable to play due to nerve pain in my wrist. As a last ditch attempt at avoiding surgery I went to David Weintraub for deep tissue work. He not only correctly diagnosed the issue, he corrected it in 2 sessions-- saving me thousands in lost income and medical bills, not to mention the after-effects of surgery...this man is simply amazing. 20 stars!

Byron I.

Bassist on tour with The Lumineers

He even cured guitarist’s carpal tunnel

I’ve been playing guitar since I was 14. In my early 20′s I wound up with carpal tunnel syndrome from over practicing. Over the years, I learned to play with pain and considered it something I just had to live with. I started to lose interest in playing more than I had to because of it. After seeing David regularly for 2 months, (and at various intervals after that) I no longer have to live with pain to play my instrument. I’ve been playing more than ever and enjoying the time shared with my first love. All better! Thanks David!

Denise Barbarita - Singer, Guitarist, Recording Engineer

Extremely impressed

I worked with Christine and was extremely impressed by her knowledge of the muscles and appreciated her walking me through what she was doing, why she was doing it, and the expected outcome her actions would have. My first visit was the week before my first marathon, and she helped release my quads and calves which I'd been having trouble with. I went back to see her two days after the marathon to help release the tightness and tension in my legs, and was running again by Friday after the marathon without any leg pains or lingering tightness. I will definitely be going back and would highly recommend Bodyworks DW Advanced Massage Therapy for anyone looking to loosen up those... Read More

Thomas B.

Surprising results!

I came to David after needlessly consulting an endodontist about a severely painful lower left jaw. (In addition with severe itching on the right forearm.) Utterly puzzled and bewildered. During an hour with David it seemed apparent the cause of the former was sinus inflammation and possibly infection, and of the latter nerve compression in the neck. If I hadn't had the good luck to be referred to David, I probably still would be trying to figure out the source of my symptoms. In one hour, I received almost complete relief from pain and immediately booked two more sessions! From now on, David will be my first call no matter what the symptoms are. It's just amazing what the body... Read More

Deborah Steele

One Session Better Than Months of Physical Therapy

I came to David with a shoulder issue that wouldn’t go away. I had been to physical therapy for months and it still bothered me. After an just hour with David my shoulder was about 75 percent better. He really took his time with me and found the actual point of pain. He really worked it out of my body. I would recommend David to anyone that asked.

Dawn Kamerling

Owner, The Press House

Great for Medical Massages too!

I was having trouble with my neck and shoulder, and my physical therapist suggested I get a massage as often as possible. Shiho was responsive to my concerns and aches, focusing not only on my problem areas, but also addressing other radiating problems on my arms, cranium, and jaw. I felt her holistic approach to my issues were quite beneficial, and I would recommend her wholeheartedly.


Restored, Energized, Balanced!

David’s massages are a dream! He provides an experience that is both therapeutic and indulgent. Slowly and carefully working deeply into sore, overworked, and misaligned muscles, David’s skilled hands offer the benefits of a meticulous deep tissue massage without the pain that often accompanies such work. One arises from his massages as if from a deep sleep…restored, energized, balanced, and pampered. As a dancer and personal trainer, I recommend his massages to anyone looking for optimal physical performance!

Joanna Worchol

Dancer & Personal Trainer

She knew what she was doing.

My massage with Evana was wonderful. It relieved pain in my neck that I had been feeling for weeks. The consultation at the beginning was helpful. It was nice to know that my massage therapist really knew what she was doing and knew the body so well.

Sophie T.

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