Want a Massage Therapy Career?

  • Do you remember researching a massage therapy career? How awesome it sounded to build a work life around helping people?
  • Do you remember the excitement you had in massage therapy school? The learning, the committment to therapeutic work? 
  • Now what are you up to? Are you stuck in a spa that has you working on luxury relaxation appointments in a stressed out environment? 
  • Are you trying to build a private practice but don't seem to be gaining any traction?

Bodyworks DW Advanced Massage Therapy is an elite team of medical massage therapists in NYC who don't just want a job, they want a massage therapy career. Due to our specialized focus, we continually expand and grow as our clients rave about our work to friends, family and co-workers. We know what it’s like to work in this industry… “factory” environments like many spas and gyms give little thought to creating a rewarding workplace, opting instead to try to get as many clients in and out as possible.

Massage Therapy Career in a workplace designed with the therapist in mind

We decided to create something different. Our studio allows time for real long-term professional relationships between therapists and clients. We provide a place where therapists can truly learn, practice, and do the exciting and rewarding work that they dreamed about doing back in massage school.

We are always looking for more therapists to join us. Take a look below at our pre-requisites and apply as a therapist via email by writing a cover letter and attaching your resume. This is an awesome opportunity to work in an environment that specializes in medical massage while being a relaxed, fun, engaging, and fulfilling workplace.

We generally start off new therapists to our practice with 1-2 six hour shifts, either mornings 9 am - 3 pm, or afternoons/evenings 3:30 - 9:30 pm, depending on availability.

To qualify for a therapist position please have the following:

  • NYS massage therapy license

  • 2 years + in the field preferred (newly licensed therapists with strong skills and a great attitude will be considered)

  • a desire to focus on fascial/structural deep tissue styles

  • solid kinesiology/anatomy knowledge


What you'll learn while working at our studio:

  • advanced body reading, assessment, and treatment skills

  • superior intake and outtake

  • formation of long term treatment plans

  • solid business practices

  • building your own lucrative private practice in 3-5 years

  • the accelerated creation of your personal bodywork style



To apply for a massage therapy career please send a resume to hello@bodyworksdw.com

Massage Therapy in Fidi: Bodyworks DW massage therapy career

Massage Therapy in Fidi: Bodyworks DW massage therapy career