Sidelying & alternate positions…not just for prenatal massage!

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We massage therapists tend to stick with our comfort zone: prone and supine positions. For certain areas of the body, however, side lying and other alternate positions can be far easier on your hands and body and much more instructive to the client’s nervous system in terms of postural realignment. Are you are bored with your routines? Breaking your fingers trying to get into certain muscles such as gluteus medius? Our side lying and alternate positions workshop can totally help you break out of old routines, and find easier ways to work!

Techniques in Side Lying & Alternate Positions

🗣 “I’m excited to have more tools to use when clients are unable to lie prone, or if they have certain conditions that could be better affected sidelying or even seated. It’s really helpful to have the reminders that we can switch things up in a session and can evolve from only working prone/supine!”

🍎 Instructor: David Weintraub LMT
📅 Dates: Offered 2x per year, see below for dates and to register
🏢 Location: Bodyworks DW Midtown West Classroom – 336 West 37th Street Suite 710, NY, NY 10018

📚 Course Highlights 📚

✓ Learn appropriate uses for Sidelying, Child’s Pose, Sim’s Position & Sitting Positions
✓ Learn when to use alternate positions, how to present these to clients, and how to transition into and out of them mid session
✓ Gain practical techniques you can use right away to help save your hands and break out of routines
✓ Learn to think creatively about positioning and come up you own solutions

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