1 Day – 6 NYS & NCBTMB Massage Therapy CEUs

Massage therapists can be wary of working on the more sensitive anterior muscles of the neck. We can also forget or ignore the head and jaw muscles which can have a profound impact on neck and shoulder pain. Getting comfortable with anterior neck work and jaw work is invaluable for helping our clients dealing with TMJ, headaches and migraines, neck pain, and shoulder pain! Our massage therapy side lying ceu workshop is a great way to get comfortable working on these areas of your clients.

“Using the side lying position and getting into some of those specifics is very useful and practical to me.”

David C.

A course on basic and advanced myofascial techniques in side lying and other alternate positions including when these positions are appropriate and how they can be used to improve therapist body mechanics to access difficult musculature

Techniques in Side Lying & Alternate Positions – 6 NYS & NCBTMB CEUs

Instructor: David Weintraub LMT
Location: Bodyworks DW Midtown West Classroom – 336 West 37th Street Suite 710, NY, NY 10018

Learning Objectives

  • Learn appropriate uses for Side Lying with Bottom Leg Extended
  • Learn appropriate uses for Side Lying with Both Legs Bent
  • Learn appropriate uses for Face Up With Extra Bolsters Under Shoulders for Correcting Front to Back Curves
  • Learn appropriate uses for Face Up With Extra Bolsters Under Knees for shortening hip flexors
  • Learn appropriate uses for Child’s Pose, Sim’s Position & Sitting for Back Extensors
  • Deciding when to use alternate positions, how to present these to clients, and how to transition into and out of them mid session

Limited to 12 Participants
Tuition – $180
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*Must show proof of completed covid-19 vaccination to attend live versions of CEU courses