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"11 Products Massage Therapists Recommend For Managing Body Pain."

Read Suazo's BuzzFeed article where she interviews David and another NYC based massage therapist on self-care tools and how to use them.  


Mom Loves Best: Jenny Silverstone's
"Why Every Pregnant Woman Needs to Get a Massage"

Find out the best and most safe ways to be massaged while pregnant by reading this article. Keep an eye out for David's section!

Health Milis' feature of
Ways That Massage Can Help Neck Pain

Read David's article on how medical massage therapy at Bodyworks DW can help your neck pain! Find out how to live pain free. 

"Bodyworks DW: How an SBA Loan Grew a Medical Massage Therapy Business."

Read this article on David's experience with SmartBiz loans and how it became a game changer for his life and company.

Healthy B Daily's feature of
Is there such a thing as "too deep" when you are getting a deep tissue massage?

Read David's article on the right amount of pressure while being massaged. What's too little? What's too much?


8 Best Massage Locations in New York City – Updated June 2022

Find out why Bodyworks DW was rated the #1 massage therapy location in New York City!'s

Best Massage Therapists in New York City

See why Bodyworks DW has made their list of Best Massage Therapists in New York City for the 4th year in a row!

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