2 Days – 12 NYS & NCBTMB Massage Therapy CEUs

Myofascial Release Techniques for the Knee: A thorough review of the musculature and structures of the knee with a demonstration of advanced myofascial release deep tissue techniques and sequences to reduce a variety of pain issues including runner’s knee, patellar tracking syndrome, Osgood’s Schlatter syndrome, as well as general pain in the knees, hips and low back related to misaligned knees.

The 2 day course will show specific techniques and sequences that can be used with the client in prone, side lying, and supine positions. Each participant will have time for hands-on practice.

“The hands on work combined with direct assistance/guidance throughout from David was incredible!”

David C.

Myofascial Release Techniques for the Knee – 12 NYS & NCBTMB CEUs

Instructor: David Weintraub LMT
Location: Bodyworks DW Midtown West Classroom – 336 West 37th Street Suite 710, NY, NY 10018

Learning Objectives

  • Conduct a review of relevant anatomy
  • Learn assessment of client standing alignment and will practice assessing each others’ alignment
  • Learn assessment of client knee mobility and stability while balancing and transitioning from one leg to the other and will practice assessing each others’ knees
  • Observe treatment techniques for all layers of relevant musculature as well as ways to assess and improve range of motion, mobility, alignement, and improve client symptoms

Limited to 12 Participants
Tuition – $360
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*Must show proof of completed covid-19 vaccination to attend live versions of CEU courses