Bodyworks TV is Live

Now Available: Bodyworks DW TV – Our New Self Care Video Subscription Library!

We are all stuck at home in NYC right now practicing our social distancing and quarantining. Some of us are home working, others of us are home out of work, but all of us have been thrown into a situation where our normal routines have been completely disrupted. So, the Bodyworks DW Team has been working diligently to provide you all access to self care video content created by our therapists.

To help you navigate your self-care journey during this crisis. No, it won’t be like the classic 80s aerobic videos we all know and love (and might be going back to in our self quarantines). Instead we are offering different “How To” videos that all pertain to our new home-centric lifestyles.

Spanning from “How to Take that Online Yoga Class Without Hurting Yourself” to “How To Pushup” our self care videos have got you covered!

To start you off, check out our trailer here

In addition, we have 3 more self care video programs finished and available

Here are just a few of the Video Self Care Consultations we’re working on MUCH MORE TO COME!

  • “How to Self Massage Your Neck Pain Away”
  • “Morning Stretches to Wake Up Your Mind & Body”
  • “How to Take that Online Yoga Class Without Hurting Yourself”
  • “Breathe Your Way Into Calmness”
  • “How To Pushup”
  • “Movement Exercises to Relieve Your Low-Back Pain”
  • “Essential Oils Blends for Allergy Season Relief”

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