We are now proud to start offering self care videos from our fantastic therapists for you. These videos cover a wide range of topics are updated with new content weekly!

DW’s DAILY STRETCHES: 15 day stretch challenge

A sequence of easy to learn stretches that owner David does every day! In the series, he’ll break down each stretch, give modifications, teach you anatomy, and more!

Hosted by David Weintraub

  • Complete, full body program for daily health
  • Covers muscles most of us miss and forget about
  • Easy to learn with modifications for each

RUTH’S RELIEF: Foot & Ankle Series

A 2 part series for rehabilitation and maintenance of foot and ankle mobility including relaxation and breathing exercises, then directed stretches and exercises!

Hosted by Ruth Anselm

  • Targeted routine for foot and ankle mobility and stability
  • Instructs you through a relaxing soak with breath to soothe anxiety
  • Offers tools to prevent injury and reduce pain in a commonly neglected area

RACHEL’S RECOVERY: Pain Relief from Sitting

This video includes foam rolling and yoga mat stretches to relieve pain in your back and hips from sitting more than we’re used to.

Hosted by Rachel Simhon.

  • Designed as a shorter stand alone video that can be done when needed
  • Use this video to help unwind the tension from your desk
  • You’ll feel better, and you’ll find that the rest of you life activities get a bit easier 🙂

MEGHAN’S MOVEMENTS: Joint Mobility in 6 Parts

This 6 part video series includes a full body joint mobilization sequence for warming up, general health, improving range of motion, and more!

Hosted by Meghan Krupka.

  • Head to toe, spine to extremity joint mobilization sequence
  • Alignment and positional cues to get the most out of each movement
  • Warm up for before exercising or movement bursts during your work day!


A variety of targeted self massage and pain relief techniques for specific ailments. Some use our own hands, others can be achieved using foam rollers, rubber balls, and other tools. We have programs for ankle sprains, carpal tunnel syndrome, neck pain, back pain, hip pain, pain from sitting, and more!

Hosted by various therapists.

  • Headache and allergy relief
  • Ankle and Foot techniques for plantar fasciitis and sprains
  • Immunity Booster tea recipe
  • and more 🙂