Why work with a life coach or business coach?

People who seek life coaching and business coaching often feel like their lives are out of balance. For instance you may:

  • feel that your career is in full drive but you don’t have the life partner you always wanted
  • work hard but don’t feel rewarded by your work
  • excel at work & career but struggle to take care of yourself and feel run down
  • feel disconnected from your passion and the things that motivate and drive you
  • find your relationships are fulfilling but you can't seem to find work that you enjoy
  • feel stuck in a pattern and can't seem to break out of it to move in a more fulfilling direction


Most of us seek guidance and "the right" answers when we feel stuck

"If I only had the right answer for what to do, I'd have no problem taking action..." Sound familiar?

When we are stuck, we have it backwards: "answers leads to actions leads to accomplishments"

Let's flip that script: "actions leads to answers leads to accomplishments"


To get "unstuck" you'll need support and motivation to risks and taking action without needing all the answers

Life coaching empowers you to dive into your vision. And to continue taking action through obstacles and setbacks to achieve breakthrough results.

Working with a coach, an inner transformation becomes possible, leading to an external revolution in your life! 

(P.S. Here's a great article on the Huffington Post talking about why working with a life coach is a worthy investment.)


why work with a life coach or business coach?
why work with a life coach or business coach?
a path to fulfillment in your goals and projects with life coaching and business coaching
From "Camp Go Away" | Photo by Michael Busse @chellisemichaelphotography
wellness coaching workshop hosted by life coach David Weintraub

The Results of Life Coaching and Business Coaching

David has walked clients through all types of radical life transformations.

  • Building a hotel in Tulum
  • Becoming a published poet
  • Doubling income while working only a third of the time
  • Quitting a hated job to pursue her dream job
  • Getting that promotion
  • Moving to a different city
  • Repairing a broken relationship

With one client, it meant quitting the job she hated to finally do what she always wanted. For another, it meant doubling his income working a third of the time. And becoming a published poet. With others, it's meant building a hotel in Tulum, repairing broken relationships, moving out of the city (or to it), or getting a promotion.

David acts as a mirror for you. By asking powerful questions through which you can hear your internal dialogue out loud. You'll realize your own habitual and old thinking patterns. And see that these are keeping you from moving forward on your dreams. With that awareness you'll have freedom to choose new habits, actions, and thoughts that support your goals. 

Life coaching offers support in your endeavors to make changes that you choose for yourself. Changes in the way you think about yourself and your possibilities. You'll gain new tools and build your own support structures. This gives you confidence to move forward and claim what you most want to achieve.


The Process of Life Coaching and Business Coaching

While there are certain coaching tools that will provide value for most people, each life coaching session is tailored to your specific needs and circumstances. As each client is individually different, so will the coaching be.

David will work with you to create anywhere from 2 to 4 breakthrough project goals. It’s recommended that clients start with weekly sessions for a minimum of 3 months. For most, this is the right amount of time to set up ambitious projects. And to create new support structures sufficient to overcome our habitual resistance to change.

For clients looking to make a total life transformation, David recommends 8 to 9 months of weekly sessions.

This work is illuminating, and at times it can feel difficult to confront your own habits and try out new ideas. You get to choose your pace. If it feels like it’s too much too soon, you can slow things down and take the work in smaller pieces.

Ultimately, in your life, you’re going to move forward with or without coaching. With coaching you get to choose to move forward with greater velocity, greater joy, and greater support. David aims not only to assist you in clearing the path to get you there, but to empower you along the way.


1 Session: $175 for a 1-hour coaching session
Package of 4 sessions: $600
Monthly Wellness Practitioner Coaching Workshop: $60 for a 90 minute group workshop

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About David Weintraub

In addition to his massage therapy practice, David Weintraub is also a life and business coach with extensive training and experience. He trained to be a coach at Accomplishment Coaching, attending the rigorous Coaches Training Program, a year-long intensive. He is a member of the International Coach Federation. 

David’s coaching practice serves as an extension of his bodywork. He offers clients a practical way of surveying deemed “problem areas” in their lives. And supports them in getting to their root causes to make conscious, effective change. Ultimately, the goal is for clients to realize what it is they truly want. And then be empowered to take action and achieve it.

David is the owner of Bodyworks DW Advanced Massage Therapy, a top notch medical massage therapy practice. The practice has two locations in New York City's financial district and midtown neighborhoods. By using a mentoring approach with his team of talented massage therapists, the practice has grown 50-60% per year into a thriving 7-figure studio.