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DW’s Daily Stretch Routine on BWDW TV

DW's Daily Stretches hosted by David Weintraub Licensed Massage Therapist and Owner at Bodyworks DW Advanced Massage Therapy

Owner, David Weintraub, LMT received his massage therapy education at the Finger Lakes School of Massage in Ithaca, NY in 2007. He then received his life coaching education during a year-long intensive with Accomplishment Coaching in 2013.

Our new self care video subscription library has the pain relief tools you need. Whether you are taking classes online, or working from home. It also helps alleviate soreness or pain you may be experiencing.

DW’s Daily Stretching Routine is easy to learn. And quick to do. It also has a host of holistic health benefits when practiced daily. It’s designed to get blood moving to all major muscle groups and joints.

In this stretch series, David takes you through some basic anatomy explanations. And shares some self massage techniques along with the stretches.

He also includes tips for easy tension relief! You have the option of going through the entire program from start to finish in one video. Or taking a more targeted approach for specific problem areas like the neck or hamstrings. We made sure it it easy to navigate and find the parts of it that help your issue the most!

Curious? Take a look at this teaser clip:

There is a lot more available in the library! Here’s a list of what you’ll find, just in the DW’s Daily Stretches section

DW’s Daily Stretch Routine Breakdown:

  • See the whole sequence with simple tips
  • Full Routine in real time
  • DW’s Pre-stretch warm up
  • Hip external rotators stretches
  • Side body stretches
  • Stretches and anatomy for the rotator Cuff
  • The quadriceps stretches
  • Adductor stretch variations
  • Anatomy & stretching for the lats
  • Hamstring stretches
  • Stretches for the psoas
  • Calf massage for plantar faciitis
  • Neck muscle release techniques
  • Neck and shoulder releases
  • Stretches for the midback
  • Stretches and anatomy for the jaw muscles

Content for BWDWTV is updated weekly. Want to learn more stretching routines? Subscribe to BWDWTV! If you want live feedback and instruction, David teaches a weekly hour long virtual group class and offers 1-on-1 video self care consultation. And if a problem persists, come on in for Sports Massage in New York if you are in town 🙂

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