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Our New 1-on-1 Virtual Wellness Sessions

We closed our studios last week in response to the NYS on Pause effort to flatten the curve and save lives during the coronavirus outbreak. We have to admit, it’s been weird not being able to practice massage therapy and help all of you with pain and stress management. So we’ve decided to offer 1-on-1 virtual wellness and self-care consultations with our therapists!

What does a video self care consultation look like?

Think of them as an extension of the time we take with each client after a massage. You know, where we check in with your posture, give you some homework and small awareness exercises, stretches to practice, etc. All of the things we offer to you to help you get through the time in between massage sessions and keep pain from coming back. We’re offering virtual self-care practices to help reduce the pain and stress you’re dealing with during these uncertain times 🙂

In these new 1-on-1 video visits for pain and stress management you’ll have time to really learn and master these self care skills. We’ll have time to cover much more of the following and in more depth:

  • Stretches to help you with specific pain
  • Postural awareness
  • Breathing exercises
  • Stress reduction practices
  • Ergonomics evaluations of your newly enforced home office space
  • Self Massage techniques using balls and rollers (and your own elbow)
  • Support in building a new self care routine based around being at home

Many of our therapists practice multiple disciplines and can teach extended skills such as:

  • Restorative Yoga poses
  • At home pilates exercises
  • Ortho-bionomy
  • Strength Training and movement work
  • Life coaching
  • Meditation

These virtual wellness sessions aren’t the same as a massage, and we miss giving massage to you probably as much as you miss getting it! However, this is a new and stressful situation that will amplify any of our underlying pain and stress flare ups. And we believe that these virtual wellness sessions can definitely help you!

With a 1-on-1 video self care consultation, we’re going to do everything we can to provide you with useful tools to address your own pain.

As we move into a way of living most of us haven’t experienced before, we will all have to step outside our comfort zones to get what we need. Whatever issues you are dealing with, our therapists will be able to teach you self-massage techniques, guide you through breathing exercises, offer movement exercises, and so much more.

Interested in creating a better self care routine at home? Book a video visit with one of our therapists today!

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