Elizabeth Dashiell, Assistant Manager of Bodyworks DW, is a Brooklyn-based dance artist and recent graduate from the University of the Arts. She continues her studies by making and presenting work alongside her peers throughout the five boroughs.

Elizabeth has experience with how bodywork can help to heal... she had a bad ankle surgery 🙁
This highlighted the importance of self care and alternative healing. She is glad to be working in an environment that promotes a healthy & present lifestyle!


emily knieriem

Emily Knieriem was born in Omaha, Nebraska and recently found her way to the Big Apple after graduating from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Being a dance artist she is always looking for additions to her self care routine and loves finding new ways to bring relief to the body.

She finds herself wearing many hats throughout the day as she is also a barista at Starbucks. Her favorite part about New York is the massive amount of food options at her fingertips. Emily thoroughly enjoys the healing environment created at Bodyworks DW and is thrilled to be a part of the team!


Milerkia Rodriguez @ Bodyworks DW Advanced Massage Therapy

Milerka Rodriguez is a Dominican-American dance artist and entrepreneur originally from right here in NY. She obtained a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, worked several jobs, and helped her mom manage a daycare business all before age 21!

As a dancer, she's been performing and teaching with various groups all over the US and the world for almost 10 years, so she's no stranger to body aches and pains. As a new member of the Bodyworks team, she's excited to grow and learn all she can about the best practices for self-care.


Molly Gray @ Bodyworks DW Advanced Massage Therapy

Molly Gray originates from California where she studied dance at UC Irvine. Molly currently lives in Brooklyn and is a freelance dancer and choreographer. When she’s not dancing, Molly likes to fill her time with reading, perusing antique sales for old records, dog-watching, or hunting for funny memes online.

Working at Bodyworks DW has helped Molly understand the importance of self-care and she has started to implement it into her regular routine. She’s excited to be working with such a kind and generous team, and hopes to contribute what she can to the wonderful, wellness-centered environment here.