2 Hr NYS & NCBTMB Massage CEU Webinar

Get better results with your clients by improving your intake, treatment, and outtake skills!

Workshops often focus entirely on techniques that can be used in session by massage therapists. However, these are often presented outside of useful context that would help determine when they would be most useful. By focusing on technique, we sometimes forget the other skills that would improve our results such as intake, assessment, and outtake. Previous students have found this 2 hour workshop invaluable for seeing the entire process of creating a results based treatment.  Since each webinar has a completely different guest client, LMTs can get an addition 2 CEUs for each and every webinar that they attend!

Students will observe the instructor work with a guest client through a thorough intake, body reading analysis, treatment, and outtake. Treatment sequences and techniques used will be based on the client’s actual needs. See and learn from the ways that a master therapist uses analysis and focused, customized treatments to achieve better results for clients. Students can ask questions in real time to help them integrate their observations into their own work and improve their therapeutic results with clients.


Connecting the Dots: Real Treatments with Real Clients
(2 Hour NYS & NCBTMB Massage CEU Webinar)

Instructor: David Weintraub LMT
Location: Virtual Webinar

Learning Objectives

  • Observe a thorough intake with a first time guest client.
  • Learn the thought processes and strategies that the instructor uses to translate an intake into a treatment plan.
  • Observe the treatment with the opportunity to ask questions throughout.
  • Observe a thorough outtake with the guest client.
  • Review and discuss what they have learned with a brief Q&A with the instructor

Tuition – $20 (Register below)