New techniques improve results if you don’t know why to use them!

🌟 Elevate Your Expertise with 2 Days of In-Depth Training 🌟

🔸 Earn 12 NYS & NCBTMB Massage Therapy CEUs 🔸

Join us for a comprehensive exploration of bodyreading, assessment, and treatment design that is sure to radically improve your results with client issues. In this hands-on course, we believe in working smarter, not harder. Led by the experienced instructor, David Weintraub LMT, you’ll gain mastery over advanced body reading techniques and the theoretical concepts necessary to design and present treatment plans to clients that will have a higher degree of success in achieving long term pain relief. Learn not just what to include in a results based session design, but more importantly what to leave out so that your sessions have enough specificity to make a real difference in posture and alignment. By designing treatments that improve joint stacking in gravity, clients feel an ease and release much different than a standard full body deep tissue massage. These customized treatments give the client a real view into how their body can feel when the skeleton is better aligned in gravity requiring far less muscular effort and tension!

Upcoming Courses

Wed-Thurs, March 27-28th 2024 @ 11 am – 6 pm
Tuition: $360

Body Reading, Assessment & Treatment Design

📚 Course Highlights 📚

✓ Learn Advanced body reading techniques from Standing in 4 views Against Neutral Axes
✓ Learn to connect observed misalignments to client Issues
✓ An introduction to common goals for treatment plans that can help you use these techniques right away with your clients
✓ Hands-on demonstration and practice in body reading and assessment, and time to design and give a complete treatment with helpful supervision with the instructor!

🗣 “The individual body assessments were thorough and insightful. Seeing and feeling postural misalignments in person is entirely more beneficial than photos or simply lecture!”

🍎 Instructor: David Weintraub LMT
📅 Dates: Offered 2x per year, see widget below for dates and to register
🏢 Location: Bodyworks DW Midtown West Classroom – 336 West 37th Street Suite 710, NY, NY 10018

Don’t Miss Out! Limited to Just 12 Participants.

Upcoming Courses

Wed-Thurs, March 27-28th 2024 @ 11 am – 6 pm
Tuition: $360