Coaching Workshops with David Weintraub will resume on September 29th.

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Is your business stuck in place?

Why would I benefit from going to a business coaching workshop?!


Which of the following feels like it applies to you:

  • I'm having a hard time filling my schedule
  • My business has a hard time getting new clients
  • I am constantly running around the city from job to job
  • I get work but it pays less than I want or it isn't the kind of work I really want to be doing
  • Clients aren't coming back again as often as I would like
  • My schedule doesn't have any days off or vacations for fear of losing work
  • I am great with clients but find managing my business overwhelming
  • I'm afraid of "marketing" or coming off sales-y...can't clients just find me by magic? 

wellness coaching workshop

If you could make some simple changes to get unstuck, what would your business look like?

  • Would you like to have a consistent schedule that is fully booked?
  • Would it have weekly days off and time for vacations during the year? 
  • How about getting so busy that you need to hire and train someone to handle your overflow? 
  • Would you raise your prices?
  • What about creating a "brand" that really reflects you and feels authentic?
  • Could you hire people to support and help you with the business side (accountant, marketing consultant, etc.)? 
  • What if you could make the administrative and scheduling side of your business routine and easy, so you can focus on bringing your best energy to the creative side of your work? 


If you answered yes to anything, then this intro business coaching workshop is for you!


In this group business coaching workshop you will:

  • Get insight into what's got you stuck and what changes you want to make to get moving again
  • Make a bold declaration for the next 12 months of your business's growth and plan steps to get there
  • Meet like minded business owners that are dealing with the same issues you are
  • Create a support team that can help you get through the tough parts and growing pains of business


This workshop will be hosted by David Weintraub, the owner of Bodyworks DW Advanced Massage Therapy, one of NYC's premier massage therapy studios. David is also a certified Life Coach through Accomplishment Coaching and has been working with clients since 2013 to help them grow and expand their businesses. You'll gain some of his insights, experience, and training that has helped him grow his massage therapy practice quickly from it's humble 20k per year beginnings in the thriving 7 figure business that it is today. Bodyworks DW has now grown from David's private practice to a studio with 15 happily employed and booked massage therapists


Get support for dreaming big for your business and get unstuck!

Cancellation Policy

We require 24 hours notice of a cancellation in order to receive a full refund for the workshop. You may cancel or reschedule online or using our mobile app up to 48 hours before your appointment, after that please contact us directly by calling us at (917) 740.2709. Any workshops cancelled with less that 24 hours before will not be eligible for a refund.  We accept all major credit cards.