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Tennis ball Release With Ruth

By Ruth Anselm.

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Ruth Anselm, LMT is a graduate of the Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences. Her insight into the workings of the body began years ago as a professional dancer and gymnast. Later, she began to share her knowledge and awareness of the body as a teacher of yoga.Today, she takes all of this experience to the next level by helping her clients find relief and strength in their bodies with her massage work, as well as provide education about how they can continue to heal and improve on their own.

You may be feeling like you can’t take advantage of a wellness practice in your home. And you may even be looking around thinking “I don’t even have any equipment!”. So what can you do? On BWDW TV, Ruth Anselm shares some tips on useful muscle releases you can do at home- all with the use of a tennis ball!

Our tennis ball release videos can help you ease tension in hard to reach places. And our first series focuses on the shoulder area. Learn how to use a tennis ball for the front, back, and top of the shoulder for full coverage .

Ruth’s Relief – Restorative Practices – Tennis Ball Release

Front of Shoulder- Position 1 of Ruth’s shoulder release using a tennis ball. This self massage technique will help rounded shoulders and release tension.

Back of ShoulderA handy self massage technique using a tennis ball for the back of your shoulders!

Top of ShoulderPosition 2 of Ruth’s shoulder release with a tennis ball. This helps with rounded shoulders and releasing tension.

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