Stress Relieving Self Care

By Various Therapists.

We understand how stress can effect the body. And these are especially stressful times. BWDW TV is not just a resource for pain relief, but for management of the day-to-day pressures and tensions . We have stress relieving videos that feature techniques for alleviating headaches, self massage, and breathing tips for relaxation. And you’ll even find a recipe for an immune boosting tea!

Stress Relieving Vidoes & Holistic Health

  • Soak for Foot & Ankle Pain and Stress ReliefThis video contains a foot and ankle soak and breathing techniques for pain and stress relief. Hosted by Ruth Anselm.
  • Allergy & Headache CareIn this video you’ll find helpful techniques to loosen the nasal cavity to improve breathing and prevent headaches. Hosted by Evana Class.
  • Lower Body & Psoas Relaxation- For most of us, our psoas muscle, a major hip flexor and postural muscle, is stuck tight from sitting all day. As much as we want to stretch it, it probably won’t allow that right away. First, we have to learn to relax it……here’s a great way to do that.
  • Contrast Therapy for Sprained AnklesAn introduction to contrast hydrotherapy for ankles and feet. This method can also be used on wrists and hands for carpal tunnel syndrome. Hosted by Simon Duran.
  • Immune Booster Tea- Watch this video for a “Special Tea” recipe; an old secret boxer’s recipe Simon uses for fighting off colds and flus. Using natural immunity boosting ingredients, this tea can help to keep colds and flus at bay or kick them out when symptoms first appear. (Not to be substituted for doctor’s care or considered an effective substitute for physical distancing to COVID-19). Hosted by Simon Duran.
  • Fish Pose Neck Release- Fish pose is one of my favorite yoga poses…our anterior neck gets so tight being on computers and phones all day. Fish pose is a great gentle way to release these and help rebalanced forward head posture.

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