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Ruth’s Relief: Foot and Ankle Pain Video Series on BWDW TV

Bodyworks DW TV: Foot and Ankle Pain Video Series by Ruth Anselm LMT

Senior Therapist Ruth Anselm, LMT is a graduate of the Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences. Her insight into the workings of the body began years ago as a professional dancer and gymnast. New, she shares her knowledge and awareness of the body as both a massage therapist and a teacher of yoga.

This is a 2-part foot pain video series for rehabilitation and maintenance of foot and ankle pain. It includes relaxation and breathing exercises, then directed stretches. And mobility exercises! Find soaking techniques, and other helpful self care tips!

Ruth Anselm takes you through an easy prep video that’s relaxing and rehabilitative. Do this as a warm up for part 2.

The second video in the series goes through several ankle mobilization exercises. It’s ideal for recovering from old ankle injuries such as sprains or breaks. It’s also fantastic for plantar fasciitis sufferers, as well as folks dealing with heel pain. Enjoy!

Check out this teaser clip to learn more:

The Two-Part Foot Pain Video Series

  • Part One – Soak for Foot and Ankle Stress Relief
    This video contains a foot and ankle soak and breathing techniques for pain and stress relief. Do this prior to the mobilization techniques shown in Part 2!
  • Part Two – Mobilization + Self Massage for Foot and Ankle Pain
    This video contains self massage techniques and stretches to mobilize the foot and ankle to prevent injury and relieve pain.

Basic Equipment You’ll Need to Do

  • Soaking Tub
    Preferably big enough to put both feet in with water above you ankles. Children’s toy storage bins work great 🙂
  • Yoga Mat
    Or an exercise mat or rug to cushion feet while working

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