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By Various Therapists

Sometimes injuries happen. And in these times, it’s difficult to know what the best solution is. Our subscription library has a variety of injury relief videos with targeted self massage techniques for specific ailments.

We cover a lot of areas prone to injury. And some techniques will require use of your own hands, but others others can be achieved using foam rollers, rubber balls, and other tools. We have programs for everything from:

  • ankle sprains
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • self massage for neck pain
  • self massage for back pain
  • self massage for hip pain
  • pain from sitting
  • and more!

Take a look at this clip:

A Sample of Injury Relief Videos in the Library

  • Pain Relief From SittingThis video includes foam rolling and yoga mat stretches to relieve pain in the back and hips from sitting more than we’re used to.
  • Headache and Allergy Relief- In this video you’ll find helpful techniques to loosen the nasal cavity to improve breathing and prevent headaches.
  • Mobilization & Self Massage for Foot Ankle- This video contains self massage techniques and stretches to mobilize the foot and ankle to prevent injury and relieve pain.
  • SCM Neck ReliefYour SCM, or sternocleidomastoid muscles, are the big ropey neck muscles that make a V on the front of your neck. Tension here is often the source of shoulder pain, neck pain, headaches, and TMJ.
  • Contrast Therapy For Sprained Ankle- An introduction to contrast hydrotherapy for ankles and feet. This method can also be used on wrists and hands for carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Foot / Ankle Soak and Stress Relief- This video contains a foot and ankle soak and breathing techniques for pain and stress relief.
  • Psoas Self Release Technique- The psoas is one of the biggest muscles in your body that you didn’t know you had. It’s also probably causing your low back pain…and maybe your shoulder and neck and knee pain too! Learn these pronto!
  • Jaw Release Variations- Jaw tension often causes headaches, as well as neck and shoulder pain. And vice versa. Here’s a few of the ones that you can work do self release work on that will relieve your jaw clenching!
  • Headache Relief Variation- We have muscles on our head. Didn’t know that? What did you think was causing your headaches? 🙂 Here’s a few of the ones that you can work do self release work on that will relieve your headaches!

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