Injury Prevention starts with knowing what to change

How can you keep pain from coming back?

After you have reduced your pain significantly with a series of advanced massage therapy sessions, the next step is to make an injury prevention plan.

When you know the roots and sources for your pain, you can make simple and effective lifestyle changes for injury prevention. During and after each session, our therapists will help analyze your habits that contribute to the pain. With awareness of these habits, you can help keep injuries from returning.

Questions that your massage therapist may ask if you:

Wear a bag on the same side each day?

Mostly sleep on the same side?

Sit for long periods without a break?

Wear good shoes for you?

Sleep on a good pillow and mattress?

Practice self care in uncomfortable situations like airplanes or long drives?

Carry your toddler on the same hip throughout the week?

Tips for injury prevention that your therapist may suggest:

  • Switch which side you wear your bag on for a few weeks, then switch sides daily
  • Switch which side of the bed you and your partner are sleeping on
  • Get a standing desk that is convertible from sitting to standing - practice switching between the two modes every hour
  • Try a 1/2 size larger shoe, or a slightly wider shoe if your toes are curling under
  • Get a tri-core pillow or a tempurpedic pillow
  • Learn some of our "at work" stretches
  • Try doing things with the opposite hand that you are used to

Small lifestyle changes will have a big impact on how you feel each day. Let our massage therapists support you in identifying the changes that will have the biggest impact for injury prevention. Your body will thank you!

You'll benefit greatly from:

 Recommendations for easy daily stretches

 Being shown easier ways to pick up children and do daily tasks

 Getting supported to stand up from your desk and move more daily

 Simple corrections for posture and form that improve exercise and function

 Tips that improve sleep