Bodyworks DW featured in MindBody Customer Story

Bodyworks DW was recently featured in a customer story published by MindBody! The article discusses what our business is doing during COVID-19, specifically the new 1-on-1 virtual wellness sessions we started offering last week.

Our team has been working incredibly hard to continue offering self-care practices during these trying and stressful times, and we’re so grateful to have our efforts recognized! Within four days of closing our doors, we began offering virtual wellness sessions to clients, because your wellbeing is our top priority.

A Few Quotes from the Article:

  • A bodyworks studio in a world without touch may seem like an insurmountable challenge, but Bodyworks DW is looking at the COVID-19 pandemic as a challenge to dig deeper into how they can support their clientele.
  • “This is what I love to do,” Ruth Anselm, LMT with Bodyworks DW said. “And that led me to this idea that we could check in with the people who’ve been regular clients of ours. I care so much about them, and I care about what’s happening with them—I would love to just be able to touch base with them and give them stuff just by looking at their bodies and listening to their voices.”
  • Rachel Simhon, another LMT at Bodyworks DW, has given a virtual self-care session. “This client of mine has been seeing me regularly, and we’ve been making a lot of progress,” Simhon said. That missed appointment, compounded with the extra stress of a pandemic, left the client in tremendous pain. Simhon met with the client virtually, and guided her trough breathing and jaw release exercises—they even improvised self-stretching techniques using a pair of leggings. “She was super grateful that we were able to do that over Zoom,” Simhon said. “It really made a big difference for her, so I felt pretty good about that because she was in a fair amount of distress.”

Thank you so much, MindBody, for this article! Read the full thing here 🙂

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