Myofascial Release Techniques for the Ankles & Feet (Classroom Nov 7-8, 2024)

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This page should give you all the information you’ll need to know to easily attend and have a great live course! Any questions that you still have can be emailed to

You’ll find any digital materials for this course below in the “Lessons” area. For live courses, there will be one lesson showing below that contains a download link for the course presentation slides that will be used during the course. Many students like to print these out beforehand to take notes on. Live courses also have demonstrations given by the instructor of techniques and usable session sequences. These will all be recorded with multiple camera angles and will be added to this course page as additional lessons below to be viewed at any time in the future. The editing and posting of these videos usually takes a few days to a week.

All in person live classes meet in our classroom space located at:

Bodyworks DW Midtown
336 West 37th street (between 8th and 9th Avenue)
Suite 710, 7th Floor
NY, NY 10018

The classroom is the large room immediately to the right after entering the studio, through the blue double doors. Please enter and take a seat if you arrive early for class.

If you need to contact us on the day of class to let us know you are running late, ask directions, or similar logistics questions about attendance, our front desk team arrives at 10am and can assist via phone at 917-740-2709 or email at

Information for class:

  • Course slides are available for download in the lessons section below for those who would like to print them out at home. Having printed slides isn’t necessary for the course, but some students prefer to take notes directly on the slides.
  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes early for class. In order to receive CE credit you must attend the entirety of the course.
  • Please do not congregate or speak loudly in our client waiting area. Our classroom space is located inside our Midtown studio where our staff will be working with clients.
  • Linens, grapeseed oil, and massage tables are all provided by us on site. Please bring your preferred way to take notes (notebook/pen, tablet, etc)
  • A sign with bathroom entrance codes can be found on the coffee table in the waiting area. Women’s bathroom is across the hall and Men’s is located by making a quick right then left out of our studio.
  • Help yourself to the water cooler in our waiting area- it has both hot and cold water. There is also a selection of tea on the counter available for all students.
  • Class generally breaks for lunch around 2pm. There are several restaurants in the area that are perfect for a quick lunch. You are also free to pack a lunch and eat in the classroom or on the building’s roof deck.