Ana Varona, LMT is a graduate of the Swedish Institute and holds a BS in human movement studies from the CUNY Baccalaureate Program and an interdisciplinary MA in wellness and health promotion from CA State University. In addition to her bodywork career, she has been a personal trainer, a dance/movement teacher, and a wellness educator.
Ana is a certified Active Release Techniques Provider, a certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner, and is a board-certified rehabilitative massage specialist. Some of her favorite modalities are myofascial techniques, deep-tissue, trigger point therapy, and contract/relax stretching. Her massage sessions often include a movement or posture reeducation component for at-home practice.
Ana is a perennial student of the human body and the various challenges and dysfunctions it is subject to. As a long-time mindfulness practitioner, she is committed to bringing her full attention, curiosity, and care to the assessment and treatment choices for each client.
Dance and movement continue to be her favorite ways to relax and stay fit. Argentinian Tango is her latest passion.


60 minute massage: $125
90 minute massage: $180

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Ana Varona, LMT