Ana Varona, LMT graduated from the Swedish Institute more than two decades ago. She is a board certified Rehabilitative Massage Specialist with additional certifications in Active Release Techniques®, Kinesio Taping®, and Orthopedic Massage. She has practiced in NY, NJ, CA, and PR. Ana holds a BSc in human movement studies and an MA in health promotion. Her practice is centered around pain relief and improving functionality after injury, surgery, or from the wear and tear of active living. She also loves working with perinatal clients. Her sessions often include take-home corrective exercises, postural re-education, and/or ergonomic guidance. As a former dance teacher and personal trainer, she likes to relax and recharge by hiking, working out, and dancing Tango.


60 minute massage: $125
90 minute massage: $180

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Ana, LMT