Massage Therapy in Fidi: Bodyworks DW

Massage in FiDi: Bodyworks DW’s new Studio is now downtown!

Massage Therapy in Fidi: Bodyworks DWThe build out is done, our studio for massage in Fidi is complete - David is tired 🙂

Opening our new studio for massage in FiDi, NYC 's financial district, has been quite the adventure. I started envisioning this space 18 months ago. It's taken a lot of sweat, diving headlong into NYC commercial real estate. We looked all over manhattan to find a permanent home for our Bodyworks DW. If I had known a quarter of what I didn't know that I didn't know when I started, I might have chosen not to bother at all!

Now that it's a reality...WOW am I happy and excited to have stayed the course and seen it through. And I'm really starting to love Fidi as a neighborhood as well. There is so much to explore!

I've shared some photos of the space in progress along the way, and now I get to finally share photos of the finished studio. We moved in on August 16th and started seeing clients on the 17th. On the 26th, I ceremoniously unpacked the last box from the move 🙂 There are still a few little things to take care of, but we are already totally in love with our new home and know that you will be too!

Massage in Fidi: A massage therapy studio designed completely around healing

The first thing you'll notice when you get off the elevator is how QUIET it is up here. We've created an oasis, despite Fidi being one of the busiest neighborhoods in NYC. A major part of this is having the top floor all to ourselves. You can quite literally hear a pin drop in the waiting area. I've found myself just hanging out after my work is done, because It's that peaceful.

The second thing you'll notice is that we've created this space as a place to CHILL. It's vibey and relaxing, so you can get away from "it all" up here. When you arrive for your massage therapy appointments, we suggest doing yourself a favor and leaving your devices in your pocket. Get some water and sit down in whichever seating appeals to you...we've got a hip mid-century sofa and some very comfortable vintage shell chairs. I often come out to see clients zoning out in the folding rocking chair with a child-like grin on their faces.

Breathe. Have fun and play with the vintage molecule model kit or the microscope. Take a look out the windows and remember what life was like when you didn't have that report to worry about 🙂

The third thing you'll notice is how spacious the new treatment rooms are. The vibe is still relaxed and inviting, but we didn't skimp on space for our therapists to stretch out and work in. The ceilings are high, giving you the sense that anything is possible, and that if you just relax, you can stretch outwards and upwards. Maybe you're actually a bit taller in here!? Your psyche will do amazing things in open space.

Well, enough text. A picture is worth a thousand words and all that...